White & brown teddy bear bento

Apr 21, 2010 2 Comments by

First of all, happy birthday to Joshua, may God always bless you and your whole family. I would like to thank Joshua’s parents for given us the opportunity to contribute in providing lunch bento for the celebration. I made a teddy bear bento prototype about two weeks ago and now it’s time to make more […]

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Rice burger bento

Apr 13, 2010 4 Comments by

I had request for a teddy bear bento from one of Jojo’s friend. There are a lot of bear bento out there, especially Rilakkuma and friends. There’s also lots of Winnie the Pooh onigiri and pancake molds and vegetable cutters although I don’t have many of them. So I tried to avoid making those famous […]

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Ham sandwich bento

Oct 13, 2009 No Comments by

I made this quick sandwich bento for breakfast. I cut two slices of white bread into 6 evenly parts and put them in oven for over 5 minutes, my wife really loves toasted bread. While the bread was in oven, I made a thin egg sheet (usuyaki tamago) with a crepes pan. After the bread […]

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Bacon with cheese roll bento

Oct 10, 2009 No Comments

Today I wanted to try a recipe that I’ve written on my note about a month ago, deep fried bacon with cheese roll. It’s very easy to cook. Cut a cheese bar into a few sticks shape, then rolled a bacon with the cheese stick on the middle. Then batter the rolled bacon (in order) […]

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Quick teddy bento

Sep 30, 2009 No Comments

Another quick and light breakfast bento. I bought a handful of dinner roll for breakfast (irony :P) with bacon, egg, and sausages. It’s still very early morning and I had time to spare for a quick bento. I got a rough idea on how the finished teddy bread look, so I prepared the sausage first. […]

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