Nigiri sushi bento

Nov 25, 2009 10 Comments by

Since right now I’m addicted with sushi making, I tried to make some sushi for my bento. I didn’t aim high on my first attempt, just a simple assortment of nigiri sushi. Since I don’t have experience with raw fish and decided to avoid it for now, besides I really don’t know if those raw […]

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Unagi tamagoyaki bento

Oct 22, 2009 No Comments by

Unagi is one of my favorite food, here in Jakarta they usually sold only at fancy Japanese restaurants with premium price, usually more expensive compare to salmon or shrimp tempura on the menu. That’s why I don’t eat them a lot, the other reason is my wife doesn’t like Japanese food too much so we […]

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Fish tempura bento

Oct 16, 2009 7 Comments by

I have made some sketches for halloween theme bento but I think I will make them next week. I’ve cooked shrimp tempura so many times before so I tried to make fish tempura for today. I could use a regular tempura batter recipe but somehow I wanted to try different thing and started looking on […]

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Ham negimayaki bento

Oct 11, 2009 No Comments

I still had some jagged tamagoyaki from yesterday so I only need to make one more dish for today bento. And I saw this recipe of ham negimayaki and I thought it’s very easy to make and I got all the ingredients. All I needed to do was cut some green onion (leek) into 5 […]

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Bacon with cheese roll bento

Oct 10, 2009 No Comments

Today I wanted to try a recipe that I’ve written on my note about a month ago, deep fried bacon with cheese roll. It’s very easy to cook. Cut a cheese bar into a few sticks shape, then rolled a bacon with the cheese stick on the middle. Then batter the rolled bacon (in order) […]

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