California roll bento

Nov 30, 2009 4 Comments by

Just coming back from Kudus on Thursday night, still exhausted from the long journey and although Friday was a national holiday (means that we’ve got a long weekend) but still I have lots of thing to do, like doing some craft for Jojo’s bible school assignment, family gathering celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday, and my wife’s […]

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Nigiri sushi bento

Nov 25, 2009 10 Comments by

Since right now I’m addicted with sushi making, I tried to make some sushi for my bento. I didn’t aim high on my first attempt, just a simple assortment of nigiri sushi. Since I don’t have experience with raw fish and decided to avoid it for now, besides I really don’t know if those raw […]

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Unagi roll sushi

Nov 23, 2009 6 Comments by

After my first attempt making sushi two weeks ago, I had another attempt but failed miserably last week. It turned out that the rice was too dry and after I cut the sushi roll the rice fell apart immediately and crumble. The sushi roll was still yummy though but I didn’t took any pictures of […]

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My first sushi roll

Nov 14, 2009 8 Comments

The one type of bento that I haven’t made is sushi bento, I never made one myself. So before I make a sushi bento I think it’s best to start by practicing making some sushi first. Sushi roll is one of my favorite food, but somehow my wife doesn’t like it at all, and so […]

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