Fishing boat bento

Mar 29, 2010 8 Comments by

Like in Jojo’s school that the parents must prepare food in turn on every Friday, we also have the same rules on Jojo’s bible school each Saturday. That’s two days in a row, and it’s time for me to experiment making some pasta as substitute for egg sheet. The bible school theme that week was […]

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Egg sandwich bento

Nov 08, 2009 No Comments by

I’ve got this new pocket sandwich maker which I think is very nice tool to have, I promise that I will post this new tool sometime next week in ‘bento equipment’ category. The pocket sandwich was made with one slice of bread but with this new tool I could put lots of filling inside the […]

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Ham sandwich bento

Oct 13, 2009 No Comments by

I made this quick sandwich bento for breakfast. I cut two slices of white bread into 6 evenly parts and put them in oven for over 5 minutes, my wife really loves toasted bread. While the bread was in oven, I made a thin egg sheet (usuyaki tamago) with a crepes pan. After the bread […]

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Ham & egg sandwich bento

Sep 10, 2009 2 Comments

I made this early in the morning so my lovely wife can eat them while inside her car to the office. Very easy to make, just bread with ham plus scramble egg and chopped broccoli. Put them together to make regular sandwich and cut them into several pieces to fit into the bento box. Since […]

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