Hello Kitty and Panda bento

Jul 29, 2010 No Comments by

We had this order made about a week ago during the preparation for Jojo’s birthday. The order was animal farm bento but we need to change the onigiri with Hello Kitty and panda. We have lots of animal farm orders, it seems that lots of people like it, maybe because there are so many decoration […]

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Animal farm bento

Jul 06, 2010 4 Comments by

This is from one of our order about two weeks ago. A light meal bento suitable for breakfast or brunch (yes, we Indonesian do eat rice on breakfast, some of us even eat the same portion just like lunch and dinner). It’s a cross of mini rabbit bento and Jojo’s birthday bento I’ve made a […]

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Twin droplets bento

Nov 05, 2009 3 Comments by

I’ve just bought a new bento box at Daisho since I figured that I’ve already used my Shinkansen blue bento box for too many times. The new bento box is a two tier yellow and pink boxes with pink lid cover (I should took pictures of my bento equipment, hopefully I can do it by […]

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Lemon chicken halloween bento

Oct 28, 2009 7 Comments

Since my vampire ghost onigiri was inspired from ghost of Nintendo’s Mario games, I thought that I should make a proper tribute to it. I have a great memories of Mario (not the ghost, since it only appeared after several Mario titles) since I first saw it back in the 80′s. I thought that Super […]

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Halloween night bento

Oct 27, 2009 No Comments

I’ve used red (brown) rice for my chicken katsu bento and for Jojo’s birthday bento, but they were mixed with white rice before being cooked. Although eating red rice is healthier than just eating white rice (there are lots of article on this subject, mainly red (brown) rice has high fiber and low fat and […]

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