Assorted Christmas theme bento

Dec 30, 2010 4 Comments by

So before we bid farewell to the year 2010, I want to share one of our last project before we took a holiday break. This is my last post for this year and the longest for this year. We’ve got this project for Christmas celebration from one of church in North Jakarta area, so the […]

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Pooh and friends bento

Dec 04, 2010 No Comments by

Wow, I past the whole November without a single post. There’s lots of going on for us during this time of year, from losing again another assistants, Jojo’s nanny leaving (until now) and lots of bento orders that keep my time schedule really really tight. But thank God that we still be able to continue […]

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Tigger bento

Oct 21, 2010 2 Comments by

This bento is to complete my Winnie the Pooh set, since I’ve made Pooh several months ago, Piglet and Tigger were made on the same day. I can go on making the whole gang, but I think I stop now for three, maybe in near future I will make Roo, Rabbit, Eeyore and the others. […]

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Piglet bento

Oct 20, 2010 2 Comments

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post before the holiday. I’ve lost my assistant (as expected) since usually there’s only 50% chance of our employees that will come back to work for us after Lebaran season is over. We haven’t sorted out this problem yet until now (or until next few months) but […]

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Winnie the Pooh bento

Jun 27, 2010 3 Comments

Like Mickey Mouse and friends, this Pooh and friends characters from Disney are also very popular among kids. I have to admit that Disney marketing team has made very excellent job to promote their products around the globe that almost everybody know those characters. I think one of the reason of their global popularity is […]

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