Assorted chocolate painting

Mar 01, 2011 No Comments by

We’ve been quite busy these past few weeks with several projects and workshop schedules. So this week posts will covered some of our projects from past two weeks. Since I made my first chocolate painting I’m always thinking that I could make some chocolate painting of some popular characters as an alternative to our usual […]

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20 Naruto kyaraben

May 10, 2010 2 Comments by

This is a two part post that I will wrap up tomorrow. We’ve got a request to provide 50 (yes, fifty) bento boxes for Jasmine 5th birthday party on May 6th. The order was to prepare 30 Princess Belle kyaraben and 20 Naruto kyaraben. I will write about the Naruto kyaraben in this post first. […]

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Naruto bento, part 2

Mar 10, 2010 8 Comments by

So I had 2 days to prepare all the 60 bento boxes to be delivered on Monday at 10 am. The hardest part of all of course was making all those Naruto faces. But the other stuff if put together like putting lettuce, rice, all vegetables and chicken on the box, they takes lots of […]

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Naruto bento, part 1

Mar 09, 2010 6 Comments

Wow, I can’t believe it’s more than 2 months ago since my last post. It’s not that I didn’t make any bento or cook something during my hiatus, in fact I have almost 100 pictures of food to post, but never found a good time to write them down. Now I’ve prepared some time to […]

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