Chicken noodle bento

Nov 01, 2009 1 Comment by

While almost all Indonesian eat rice as our primary food, we also known as noodle lovers. We can eat noodle for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as afternoon snack. The best selling food in Indonesia is Indomie instant noodle (with all their flavors), the company that produce the product is ranked number 1 for almost every […]

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Fried rice bento

Oct 21, 2009 2 Comments by

It’s been days since my last post, very busy week, I still managed to make some bento but I had trouble finding the time when it came to post them. I made this bento on Monday. Since last Sunday we ate outside and our housemaid already cooked the rice, we had lots of uneaten rice, […]

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Burger bunny bento

Oct 14, 2009 No Comments by

I’m still looking for an idea to make some halloween bento but today I have to settle for this. We could not see the burger meat from the picture since it’s under the grilled onigiri, but I made this as rice onigiri burger bento with teriyaki sauce. The burger meat was made with ground beef, […]

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Yellow piggy meatball bento

Sep 23, 2009 No Comments

I didn’t have too much time preparing for my bento so I just used a couple of meatballs and seafood tofu bought from Food Hall. I rarely bought processed meat other than sausages but I wanted to try them for a while, so here we go. Those meatballs and tofu melted very quick from freezer […]

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