Ham sandwich bento

Oct 13, 2009 No Comments by

I made this quick sandwich bento for breakfast. I cut two slices of white bread into 6 evenly parts and put them in oven for over 5 minutes, my wife really loves toasted bread. While the bread was in oven, I made a thin egg sheet (usuyaki tamago) with a crepes pan. After the bread […]

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Ham negimayaki bento

Oct 11, 2009 No Comments by

I still had some jagged tamagoyaki from yesterday so I only need to make one more dish for today bento. And I saw this recipe of ham negimayaki and I thought it’s very easy to make and I got all the ingredients. All I needed to do was cut some green onion (leek) into 5 […]

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Ham and lettuce roll bento

Sep 26, 2009 2 Comments by

I wanted to do a simpler bento for today, no piggy quail or cut animal sausages, with very little decoration on it. I found this simple but very nice way to prepare ham and lettuce that perfect for bento. I just need to put the lettuce on top of ham and rolled them over, and […]

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Twin bunny and Piggy bento

Sep 13, 2009 No Comments

Saturday is always a busy day. I was too tired and missed posting although I promised myself to do that. Luckily my son, Jojo, slept early so I can continue my unfinished tasks. The other bento I made 2 days ago was quite simple also. I tried to make chicken karaage, the recipe was found […]

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Ham & egg sandwich bento

Sep 10, 2009 2 Comments

I made this early in the morning so my lovely wife can eat them while inside her car to the office. Very easy to make, just bread with ham plus scramble egg and chopped broccoli. Put them together to make regular sandwich and cut them into several pieces to fit into the bento box. Since […]

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