Ham sandwich bento

Oct 13, 2009 No Comments by

I made this quick sandwich bento for breakfast. I cut two slices of white bread into 6 evenly parts and put them in oven for over 5 minutes, my wife really loves toasted bread. While the bread was in oven, I made a thin egg sheet (usuyaki tamago) with a crepes pan. After the bread […]

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Spaghetti bento

Sep 28, 2009 4 Comments by

After making several rice onigiri bento, now it’s time to do a different type of bento. In bento mooks collection I have, they usually categorize the bento into four category; onigiri bento, sushi bento, noodle/pasta bento, and bread bento. I’ve made a few bread bento in my breakfast bento category, I never made sushi before […]

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Yellow piggy meatball bento

Sep 23, 2009 No Comments by

I didn’t have too much time preparing for my bento so I just used a couple of meatballs and seafood tofu bought from Food Hall. I rarely bought processed meat other than sausages but I wanted to try them for a while, so here we go. Those meatballs and tofu melted very quick from freezer […]

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Chicken katsu bento

Sep 22, 2009 3 Comments

I decided to make bento with chicken katsu menu. Chicken katsu is arguably the most popular Japanese dish among Indonesian, and the staple menu in every restaurants that offer Japanese dishes. FYI, chicken is the main meat among Indonesian since moslems don’t eat pork (and 86% Indonesian are moslems according to Wikipedia) and chicken is […]

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Pastei pie Lady bento

Sep 16, 2009 1 Comment

Another breakfast bento, I had this pastei pies and decided to make a bento with it. Pastei pie is one of many Dutch culinary recipes that very popular among Indonesian (we call it ‘pastel’ and they can be bought in every traditional markets and most modern pastry stores). Essentially pastei is a pie with vegetables, […]

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