Pocoyo and friends mini bento

Mar 29, 2011 2 Comments by

This post is also an update for our mini bento set. Since there are lots of demand for kyaraben mini set like our Sanrio theme kyaraben, now we officially add the kyaraben mini set into our menu list. For this particular project, we’ve got 80 (eighty) Pocoyo and his friends, Elly the pink elephant, Pato […]

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Assorted Cars chocolate painting

Mar 18, 2011 No Comments by

We’ve got another Disney’s Cars kyaraben project again but this time we’ll make the character with chocolate painting. Another good thing is that we’ve got to do McQueen and King, the more the merrier After making more than 100 characters with chocolate painting I think that I’ve improved quite a bit in term of moving […]

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Assorted Doraemon bento

Mar 17, 2011 No Comments by

Right after the soccer boys we’ve got another kyaraben order with chocolate painting character. Since I have to make so many Doraemon and I kinda did it several times before, I have to keep things exciting so I didn’t get bored with making the same pattern again and again in one day sitting. So for […]

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Soccer boys chocolate painting

Mar 16, 2011 No Comments

I’ve got a chance to improve my chocolate painting skills with these several projects we’ve got these past few weeks. I really enjoy myself making those chocolate painting, maybe because it’s quite fresh activity for me compared to making characters from pasta sheets for almost a year. We’ve got a soccer theme bento since the […]

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Assorted chocolate painting

Mar 01, 2011 No Comments

We’ve been quite busy these past few weeks with several projects and workshop schedules. So this week posts will covered some of our projects from past two weeks. Since I made my first chocolate painting I’m always thinking that I could make some chocolate painting of some popular characters as an alternative to our usual […]

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