The Mighty Thor Onigiri Bento

Mar 05, 2013 No Comments by

I’m not quite familiar with this character although I’ve known Thor since I was a little. Never read the comic book, and I only watch the movie on my computer screen. It’s an entertaining movie with good storytelling and visual effects, and Chris Hemsworth was convincing enough to play the brash and arrogant Thor and […]

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Ironman Onigiri Bento

Mar 04, 2013 No Comments by

This is one of the easiest from the superheroes set. While we can make a more detailed facial feature but I think the simple one like I did still do the job (thanks for the hard work of Marvel as the creator of this character to introduce this character to the world so now most […]

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Captain America Onigiri Bento

Mar 03, 2013 No Comments by

While it is usually a lot longer making characters with cutting technique but usually we get a good result, as long as we’ve got the template right. Different with cutting, those onigiri characters while usually need shorter time to make but lack the consistency when we try making multiple of them. Before I made these […]

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The Incredible Hulk Onigiri Bento

Mar 02, 2013 No Comments

This one also quite easy to make since my original sketch for Hulk is very similar with the boy onigiri that I used to make. The differences are it has green skin and an angry face. Even the angry face is very similar with those Angry Birds onigiri that I already made. For the green […]

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Spiderman Onigiri Bento

Feb 28, 2013 No Comments

Spiderman was my first pick from the other heroes since he’s the most well known and the head mask is very distinct, that almost everyone will know him in a quick glance. While the materials for Spiderman was very minimal, we just need some seaweed and a little bit of white egg sheet, there was […]

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