Mini pizza bento

Oct 09, 2009 No Comments

After 3 days rest from bento making I felt ready again for another bento adventure. I saw this mini pizza bento in one of my bento mooks collection and wanted to try them. I used white bread for the pizza bread just like the picture I saw, cut them into four parts. Then the bread […]

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Jojo’s birthday bento Part 2

Oct 08, 2009 4 Comments

After Sunday at church, we still have one more birthday celebration at Jojo’s school. We only need to prepare 15 set since there’s only 14 kids at Jojo’s pre-school class. And luckily the school starts at 9 am but I could delivered the goodie bags around 10 am before school’s out so I didn’t need […]

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Rabbit farm bento

Oct 06, 2009 5 Comments

When we were planning what to do for our son Jojo’s 2nd birthday party, I had an idea to make small bento as give away for other kids at the party. It is a custom around here to give goodie bags to kids that attended their friend’s birthday party. On the usual level, parents just […]

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Enoki meat roll bento

Oct 04, 2009 No Comments

The new batch of bento equipment arrived yesterday, just the perfect time for my preparation for our son JoJo’s 2nd birthday party. I really want to do something special for his birthday since we canceled his 1st birthday party due to illness. We’ve already prepared for almost everything, more on that on next post. But […]

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Quick teddy bento

Sep 30, 2009 No Comments

Another quick and light breakfast bento. I bought a handful of dinner roll for breakfast (irony :P) with bacon, egg, and sausages. It’s still very early morning and I had time to spare for a quick bento. I got a rough idea on how the finished teddy bread look, so I prepared the sausage first. […]

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