Unagi roll sushi

0 Posted by - November 23, 2009 - Culinary Art

After my first attempt making sushi two weeks ago, I had another attempt but failed miserably last week. It turned out that the rice was too dry and after I cut the sushi roll the rice fell apart immediately and crumble. The sushi roll was still yummy though but I didn’t took any pictures of them.

So after taking notes on the rice, I made another attempt. I added unagi and tobiko for making unagi sushi roll. Basically it’s the same as California roll with addition of unagi slice and using tobiko to cover the sushi rice. Here’s the picture after I cut the roll but before I flip them up. I still need practice more since the roll went flat (it was in good round shape before the cut) after I cut it.

Unagi roll

I also think that I put too much tobiko on the rice, but it look quite okay after I arrange those rolls and flip them up. So this is the end of my sushi adventure for today, hope that next week I can practice more.

Unagi roll