Retro style pudding

0 Posted by - December 19, 2009 - Culinary Art

In Jojo’s school there is a weekly event that on each Friday one children must bring some snacks to share with the other students. And this week is Jojo’s turn which meant that I must prepare something on Thursday night. Usually the other parents just buy foods from supermarket for their child to share but I and my wife agree that we will prepare a special homemade food for our son to bring.

I saw this broken glass pudding while I was surfing for recipes a couple of weeks ago and I really loved it so I proposed making this kind of pudding to my wife and she’s agree, as long as I’m the one who make it. No problem for me.

The original recipe was using jell-o with various kinds of colors but my wife doesn’t like jell-o because (and I agree) she thinks that thing has too much artificial flavors and coloring. The other reason I don’t use it because those stuff are imported so the price is too pricey for just a pudding.

Retro style pudding

We have this local brand gelatin powder which my wife uses very often for Jojo’s afternoon snack at home but she’s only using the uncolored one. For this project I had to buy every color that available; green, red, orange, and chocolate. I really like to make the blue and purple color using some artificial food coloring but of course my wife was against the idea.

I made each color and put them separately on several trays. After hardened I cut the jelly into chunks and mixed them together into large tray and then poured the still liquid white pudding (uncolored gelatin plus white milk) to cover them all.

In the morning I cut them into pieces and pack them in food containers for Jojo and his friends. It turned out that the orange and chocolate color looks almost the same (I still want to use some coloring to make them more colorful). I don’t know if they like it or not but the teacher said that all the kids finished the snacks. Hmmm, maybe they just hungry ^_^