My first sushi roll

0 Posted by - November 14, 2009 - Culinary Art

The one type of bento that I haven’t made is sushi bento, I never made one myself. So before I make a sushi bento I think it’s best to start by practicing making some sushi first. Sushi roll is one of my favorite food, but somehow my wife doesn’t like it at all, and so too my usual hangout friends, so I very rarely eat them, maybe just once or twice a year. I remember when I still lived in Savannah that my and my buddy used to eat at all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant and my buddy could eat 40+ sashimi by himself.

So I had all the ingredients ready along with the sushi mat. Most of sushi ingredients are easy to get, we can buy them (kani, unagi, tobiko, nori sheet) in any fancy supermarkets, while vegetables like cucumber is very common and cheap and available in every market. The one that sometime hard to find is avocado since it’s not available all time of year (the local avocado), we always can get imported one but of course with premium price tag (around 3-4x than local price).

We also can get the most important ingredient, the sushi rice, in those fancy supermarkets, since it’s imported so they sell them at very premium price, maybe around 5-6x higher than good local rice. Our local rice type is long grain to medium grain, and none of short grain like those Japanese rice. I really don’t want to buy those premium rice just to make sushi that only eaten by myself. So I bought a box of sushi from the supermarket to test the rice, and I found out that they also used local rice with long grain for their sushi rice, so I think can make sushi with our usual rice too.

So this is my first try at sushi making.

My first sushi roll

It’s harder than I thought. I used to see the sushi chef making sushi with ease, but when I did it myself it really sloppy and slow. And somehow I couldn’t make it round even with sushi mat. I also notice that the proportion was bad, I need to put more filling for my sushi next time.

My first sushi roll

I studied my first trial, taking some pictures and then decided to make another california roll right away. I used more filling for the roll and the result was better the 2nd time, although I notice that my sushi roll was in good round shape when I made it but the shape went bad after I cut it with my knife. I really need to find more information about the knife the sushi chef usually use or maybe the way they cut their sushi.

California roll, 2nd trial

I still think it’s a good first trial and I still need to practice lots of time but I’m sure that I will become better, hopefully ^_^

Now I have two california rolls to finish since I can’t share it with my wife …