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It’s been a full week I haven’t updated my post, the longest since I started this blog. My cooking class and the always busy December is keeping me very busy. And with our Jojo’s growing so is his schedule, I need to arrange more time to accompany him to friends birthday, Christmas celebration, and other things to attend. I still managed to take some pictures of my cooking and edited them with Photoshop but I just couldn’t find a time to post them.

I already post my minestrone pictures on flickr a week ago but haven’t wrote anything about it. So it’s better late than never.

This is the first menu we did at the professional cooking school I attend. The lessons to learn is that we able to cut various vegetables and making tomato concasse (the process of removing tomato skin by soaking the tomato into boiling water). I found out later from Wikipedia about this Italian menu that minestrone is one of the cornerstone of Italian cuisine, and is just as common as pasta on Italian tables.


There’s no set recipe for minestrone, but in my class we only use vegetables (onions, carrots, zucchini, celery stalk, green cabbage, tomatoes, and white beans) along with butter, macaroni, and chicken stock. Basically we cut all the vegetables into medium dice except the cabbage (with chifonnade cut) and we put them all into a boiled chicken stock.

We used slices of toasted baguette and grated parmesan cheese for garnish and add chopped parsley for the finishing touch.  Although we put salt and pepper the taste still somewhat bland but the chef said it supposed to taste like that.

We can bring home all the food we made and I decided to make add some decoration with the soup for my photo collections and shared it with everyone. I prefer taking pictures at home since I have all my equipment here and I can do it without time constraint.

Head shape bread

I use baguette bread for my decoration, it’s very simple head figure almost like Easter Island statues.

I had a great first day at school, all other students also seemed determined and motivated which makes a great learning environment. The chefs also come from different background but all of them are very experienced in their field of works so we can ask almost anything about food and cooking methods.

I already prepared several shots of my cooking, let’s hope I can manage to write some posts in next few days. Cheers ^_^