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Princess Zelda bento

Feb 08, 2011 3 Comments by

Continue from my last post about Zelda theme assorted bento, now I want to share to you my Princess Zelda kyaraben I’ve made for last Sunday. This Princess Zelda is sure a tough girl, she went through some terrible things in her life; been kidnapped, put into eternal slumber, in hiding, turned to stone, and […]

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Angry Birds bento

Jan 20, 2011 91 Comments by

When I was looking for ideas for my new kyaraben , I found this great looking and addictive puzzle game with all adorable characters that’s perfect for kyaraben making. Since I don’t own an iPhone I really didn’t know what’s the fuzz about this Angry Birds, but then I managed to get myself the PC […]

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Hellowitch Kitty bento

Oct 25, 2010 3 Comments by

Still in Halloween mood, I also still using Hello Kitty for my Halloween theme kyaraben, this time as a witch with flying broomstick. The technique for making the character was also same with my previous Hello Kitty kyaraben using puzzle style pasta cut. What I mean with puzzle style cut is that I prepared a […]

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Princess Ariel bento

Jul 20, 2010 No Comments

Now we’re back from our brief vacation, lots of work are waiting for us. During our time in Singapore, we didn’t spent much time looking for bento stuff since we’re bringing our son with us. We did spent some time at Kinokuniya looking for bento books but we didn’t find any that interested us. We […]

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Ben 10 bento

Apr 23, 2010 6 Comments

When I’m not making bento usually I spend my time at home experimenting with new recipes or practicing and perfecting some recipes that I’ve done several times before.  I don’t post many of them for several reasons, usually are because the results are just bad, or while the results have great taste but their shape […]

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