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A simple bento

Jan 31, 2011 1 Comment by

Continuing from bento tools tutorial, now after we’ve all familiar with all the tools then it’s time for us to make some bento. Since this is a basic tutorial for beginner bento makers, the purpose is to show that we can make a simple (but neat) bento using most tools that we have in our […]

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Bentol tools, part 2

Jan 13, 2011 2 Comments by

In this part of tutorial, I want to share about some other tools that might help our bento and kyaraben preparation. There are hundreds of tools and accessories out there, most of them are not expensive (on price range of $2 to $7 each, some can be grab around $15, only a few tools net […]

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Bento tools, part 1

Jan 12, 2011 2 Comments by

Please click here for the Indonesian version of this post. This is the first of my bento tutorial series. The tutorial will be available in English and Indonesian, the material will be the same but the English version will be shorter since there’s so many bento or kyaraben tutorial using English out there but still […]

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