Wolverine Onigiri Bento

0 Posted by - March 6, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

The latest from Marvel superheroes onigiri bento series. The most famous X-Men, while still quite unknown if you’re not superheroes fan in general. There are already three X-Men movies and one Wolverine movie and the next one will be coming this summer 2013, but the character portrayal in the movie is very different from the one in comic books. One obvious thing the movie version omit is the costume, while in the comic version all X-Men have their very own costumes, they wear the same uniforms in the movie.

So the one I made was the comic book Wolverine with his iconic yellow and black mask. Same with Captain America and Thor, the head was made with white rice mixes with a little kabocha to make subtle yellow skin-like tone. The yellow mask was made with yellow egg sheet wrapped around the top of the head. In my opinion, wrapping with egg sheet is one of the hardest thing to do in kyaraben making.

The black part of the mask was made with cut out seaweed. We need to put the head at the center since the seaweed will folded if we put it in the side of the box. Again, the eyes and mouth were made with cut out white egg sheet.
Wolverine Onigiri Bento
This is the end of seven parts Marvel superheroes onigiri bento series. I really hope that in the near future I can provide some onigiri making video tutorial for some the work I’ve done. Please bear with me since I barely got enough time for anything with this full time kyaraben business. I’ve tried making some trial shot but the weather is so bad that I couldn’t get a good lighting while a good lighting for video shoot is quite expensive that I’d rather bought equipments for our catering business.

Hopefully next year I will come up with another theme for my son’s birthday. Marvel super villain maybe ???