Winnie the Pooh bento

0 Posted by - June 27, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Like Mickey Mouse and friends, this Pooh and friends characters from Disney are also very popular among kids. I have to admit that Disney marketing team has made very excellent job to promote their products around the globe that almost everybody know those characters. I think one of the reason of their global popularity is the character’s simple shape and design, even my son can name them just by looking at their silhouette at the very early age.

Also like Mickey, there are lots of Pooh bento products, from onigiri mold, cookie cutter, pancake/egg mold, bread mold, etc. But still to make a different and distinct kyaraben, we still have to make it by ourselves.

Winnie the Pooh bento
My version of Pooh was made like most of my kyaraben, but I combined pasta and egg sheets to make this Pooh kyaraben. The base and those little facial details were using the usual brown colored pasta. For the yellow parts, I used yellow egg sheet since it has brighter color compared to yellow pasta sheet. Last but not least, the red parts were using red colored pasta.

My wife like this Pooh kyaraben the most, maybe because this Pooh has a nice bright and sunny color and looking very friendly.