White & brown teddy bear bento

0 Posted by - April 21, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

First of all, happy birthday to Joshua, may God always bless you and your whole family. I would like to thank Joshua’s parents for given us the opportunity to contribute in providing lunch bento for the celebration.

I made a teddy bear bento prototype about two weeks ago and now it’s time to make more mass bento to be shipped in the morning. The big difference in this project with my previous mass bento projects is I can’t prepare lots of thing on the previous day since the teddy bears have to be made like onigiri and they need to be made fresh (the Naruto egg sheets and the fish boat parts can be made 1 or 2 days prior).

Teddy bear bento

So the preparation was minimal. I could only prepare the chicken nuggets, cut the vegetables, cut the bears’ carrot butterfly ties along with nori eyes, noses, and mouths during the previous evening. The rest must be made in the morning before the scheduled delivery.

So I set the alarm on 3.40 a.m. and in the next morning begin all the work with my assistants. First thing to do was washing the rice and soaked all green vegetables with water and salt to remove any worms inside them (especially in the broccolis). After that while we wait the rice to fully cook, we blanched all vegetables and prepare the boxes with lettuces.

White & brown teddy bear bento

After the rice was ready then the hard part was begin. I need to make all those bears with my hand. The heads were easy since we used onigiri mold, my wife expertly made those heads while I made the bear’s bodies first. As expected, she finished her task way before me.

As time went by, I still haven’t finished completing the bear parts while my assistant already finished deep frying all the chicken nuggets. I didn’t worry since I expected that and there’s still enough time to finish them on time.

White & brown teddy bear bento

While I was still making the parts, the others began to fill the completed bears with all the filling. The last thing I need to do was put the bears’ nose and mouth. The time was 7.40 a.m., I took some pictures of the finished bento and cleaned up myself while my assistant packing those bento for delivery.

I went from home at 8.10 a.m. and luckily the traffic was lighter than I expected so I arrived at the given address just in time. I hope that all those children will be happy when they eat those bento.

There’s much calmness when we worked today compare with my previous Naruto episode. As for this project, while I admit that we still need to improve on our finished product but what I can assure is that I always do my best and put my heart and effort into each bento I make.