Ultraman bento

0 Posted by - September 7, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I made this Ultraman kyaraben a week ago, still without the help of my wife. The order was came suddenly, usually our clients order a month before the delivery date (a week before would just fine), but once in a while we’ve got rushed order which is fine as long as I’ve got enough time to prepare all the necessary materials. I’m also very welcome for order that we’ve never done it before, like this Ultraman. Sometime I like something new to keep things fresh while I also like to revisit some kyaraben I’ve made to refine them further.

Personally I don’t know much about Ultraman, even I know the character since a long time ago, I watched some of episodes when I was little but I don’t have a lot memories of them. From my search, I found out that Ultraman made his debut in 1967 and still around until today. After much searching I found a perfect picture for Ultraman kyaraben. I photoshoped it a bit to make the picture doable for cutting.

Ultraman bento
Although the picture looks simple, but those little parts were very hard to cut, the right knuckle and the mouth also quite hard to cut. But the overall result was good and I like it, looks retro in style and the pose has a very dynamic feel to it. I just hope that the children will love it.

I managed to take the picture for all the Ultraman kyaraben I’ve made that day. The overall line up is quite nice, the consistency for each pasta cut is also good that they don’t look differ from each other much.

15 Ultraman bento
I used the usual mymealbox bento filling, chicken nuggets with beef sausages, corn, broccoli chunk, orange slice, and strawberry jelly.