Twin droplets bento

0 Posted by - November 5, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I’ve just bought a new bento box at Daisho since I figured that I’ve already used my Shinkansen blue bento box for too many times. The new bento box is a two tier yellow and pink boxes with pink lid cover (I should took pictures of my bento equipment, hopefully I can do it by next week). It’s small compare to my other boxes so I could not put many food inside, so it’s onigiri with small vegetables for the big container and the side dishes with fruits for the small container.

Twin droplets onigiri

The twin droplets onigiri were made with my palm since I don’t think there’s a special mold for them. I made the rice ball shape first and then pull the top part to make it pointy. The pink one of course made from white rice mixed with pink furikake. The facial details were using nori and carrot (on the white droplet’s cheek) and cheese (on the pink one’s cheek). To fill the space I added some broccoli chunks and sausages.

The other container was filled with chicken karaage, a pair of chicks quail egg (nori, carrot, with food picks to make the chicks) and I also put the good-looking champagne grapes to complete the set.  I really like those grapes, it’s like they perfectly made for bento making purpose.

Twin droplets bento