Thomas the Tank Engine bento

0 Posted by - March 18, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I made double bento yesterday and I will put them into two posts, one for today and one for tomorrow.

We have two neighbors whom each has a boy around the same age as our Jojo and all of them go to the same school. During these two months I only can drop Jojo to school in the morning and we have to rely to our kind neighbors to pick up Jojo when school is out.

That’s why my wife asked me to make bento for Jojo’s neighbors as a gesture of our gratitude.

Thomas the Tank Engine bento

I didn’t want to make two of the same bento so I decided to make two different characters and the rest of the bento is the same. For those of you who read my last post, you might think that I am very uncreative since I use the exact same filling for my last three bento. The reason of it was because I still have lots of uncooked chicken (and broccoli) in my fridge from my order of 60 Naruto bento last week. And since they all chicken breast I couldn’t make karaage (which use chicken thighs) so I had to make them into katsu again. (The lettuce was newly bought yesterday)

I tried making a blue egg sheet with natural coloring which I knew it would be hard. I tried using some grape juice and mix it with egg white and cornstarch and hoping it will turned out blue but it turned into pink since the purple from grape was more reddish than blueish. So I used the pink egg sheet for Thomas face (the original picture of Thomas’ face is gray, but I’m sure that it also hard to make a gray egg sheet).

I had no other choice and using a sky blue food coloring for making the blue egg sheet. The other colors were the same like I was making Cars bento a few days ago; white was from egg white, red was strawberry juice mixed with egg white, and brown was soy sauce mix with egg white and egg yolk.

I cut each egg sheets with art knife; brown for the base, then red, pink, and blue on top of the brown. After that I put white egg sheet for the face background and put the pink egg sheet (already cut several holes for Thomas’ eyes and mouth) and carved out the cheek line. Lastly I cut some nori for Thomas’ eyes and eyebrows.