The Mighty Thor Onigiri Bento

0 Posted by - March 5, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I’m not quite familiar with this character although I’ve known Thor since I was a little. Never read the comic book, and I only watch the movie on my computer screen. It’s an entertaining movie with good storytelling and visual effects, and Chris Hemsworth was convincing enough to play the brash and arrogant Thor and then the humble Thor. Again, Marvel and Disney did such a great job introducing the character to the mainstream that now almost every boys can recognize the character from toys, books, and kids’ magazines.

The most iconic that always there from the original design of Thor is his winged helmet and blonde hair (although the helmet was missing in the movie version), and of course the hammer. So I based my design on that.

The Mighty Thor Onigiri Bento

We need to prepare white and yellow egg sheet for his wings and hair. Same with Captain America, I used white rice and mixed it with a small portion of kabocha to make pale yellow colored rice. I made the head with that rice and covered the top part with seaweed sheet to make the helmet.

The hair parts were easy to cut and I prepared the template for the wings for later use. The facial also very easy, I just put a pair of eyes and smiling mouth with punched seaweed.