The Incredible Hulk Onigiri Bento

0 Posted by - March 2, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This one also quite easy to make since my original sketch for Hulk is very similar with the boy onigiri that I used to make. The differences are it has green skin and an angry face. Even the angry face is very similar with those Angry Birds onigiri that I already made.

For the green colored rice, you can mix white rice with peas paste or if you want to make from uncooked rice, you can get a green colored rice from green tea powder and then cooked the rice with it but please remember to open you rice cooker lid once the rice is fully cooked to avoid color changing.

The Incredible Hulk Onigiri Bento

As for the hair, we can cut out a seaweed sheet and carefully placed it into the top of the head covering almost half the onigiri. We can also cut the simple trapezoid shape for the angry eyebrows and then cut the white egg sheet for the eyes and mouth.

I must admit that it didn’t look like Hulk for certain unless they saw the other onigiris that came along with it then people will recognize that it’s part of the superheroes theme bento. I must made it too simple, I think that maybe I should add more facial feature for it to looked more like the Hulk, like a squarer jaw and much bigger mouth with teeth and much angrier face (just wrote a note for myself).