Sweet birthday bento

0 Posted by - March 11, 2010 - Bento Art

I made this bento about a month ago, but just edited the picture yesterday along with many other pictures of food I made. I might make something like this for Jojo’s 3rd birthday party, is very easy to make and more importantly is no nori needed.

Another reason I made this one is also because I never made a ‘sweet type’ bento, to think of it most people also only make a regular ‘savory type’ bento even when we use bread (with ham and sausages). From the result I can feel that this ‘sweet type’ bento is having less calories than the usual bento but I think it’s still okay for kids having this kind of bento for once a while.

Sweet birthday bento

I used white bread for the base and wheat bread for the ‘birthday cake’, they have different colors but didn’t show much on the picture. I used icing sugar for the decoration, strawberry jam for the red line, and cheddar cheese on the bottom part of the ‘cake’. As for the ‘candles’ I broke a pocky into several pieces and use red icing sugar for the ‘fire’.

For the rest of the filling, fruits (strawberries, red and white grapes), chocolate candies, cheddar cheese cut into cube and wrapped with plastic paper, and cookies with additional melted chocolate for the writing.