Spiderman Onigiri Bento

0 Posted by - February 28, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Spiderman was my first pick from the other heroes since he’s the most well known and the head mask is very distinct, that almost everyone will know him in a quick glance.

While the materials for Spiderman was very minimal, we just need some seaweed and a little bit of white egg sheet, there was lots of work to be done making the mask. First we had to cut the seaweed thinly and put them one by one. The black eyes were quite easy to do, just prepared a template and we can use scissors to cut them in stacks. Usually I can cut eight stacks a time to fasten the preparation. As for the white eyes, just prepared a white egg sheet and cut them with prepared template with an art knife.

Spidermsn Onigiri Bento

As for the red onigiri, lots of people ask how to make it. The easiest way is using a mix of water and red food coloring to make the rice with. But we can use a more natural ingredients such as ang-kak or red yeast rice, it’s very common in here and we can always find it in local markets and even big hypermarkets. To use ang-kak to make red colored rice, first we need to boiled a tablespoon of ang-kak and then after about 5 minutes we strained it and only use the water (that already became red) to cook the rice with. There’s no added flavor using this ingredients