Special Agent Oso bento

0 Posted by - August 4, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

We got a new size lunch box which about 1.5x bigger than our usual bento box since I think that our usual bento box is too small for bigger kids because kids these days eats a lot of meals. These past weeks I also spent lots of time testing some new recipes, and like usual, some were successful while some were needing more time to get better results.

There’s also several request that I need to fulfill, usually character samples. For today I’ve got this Special Agent Oso. I knew this character while spending time playing games with Jojo. I never watched the TV show since the schedule is not in Jojo’s TV hour (he’s only watching TV 1 hour after finishing his dinner).

So this Special Agent Oso basically is a colorful panda super agent (like James Bond) who likes to help children. There’s also other super agents other than Oso, like Wolfie (a blue wolf) and Dottie (an orange cat), and many others.

Special Agent Oso bento
After some adjustment and simplification, this agent needs total of 18 (eighteen) parts to make. And while have many parts, especially the facial parts, I think this character is a fun to make since most of the parts are easy to cut.

As for the bento filling, I made some common menu being used in Indonesian rice box. The beef and egg roll (rolade) and stir fried vegetables are very easy to make. And while the caramelized potato (kering kentang) is easy to make also, the tricky part is to make them crispy in very long period.