Sofia the First kyaraben set

0 Posted by - May 26, 2014 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

One of the newer princess that coming straight to cable channel but still gain a good chunk of popularity because of the massive promotion and lots of merchandising. I’ve watched all of Disney animation movies but I rarely watched anything Disney related that comes from cable. But still I’d watched a glimpse of her from my TV when my son watching and quickly changing channel to find boys related shows.

From the kyaraben making point of view, the character was very well designed. Very simple lines, with big eyes to make easier cutting, but with one complicated tiara on her head. I like her purple gown since it’s my favorite color (besides other colors already taken by other princesses).

Sofia the First kyaraben setThe final result looks almost exactly like the original which pleased me and I also can pass this one for my assistants to work this out without my help. Usually for princesses I’m the one who put on the facial details after the assembling process was complete since 1 mm of wrong placement can really make or break the overall result. So all these training are really paid off for us ;)