Snow White bento

0 Posted by - September 10, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This is likely my last post before a week of vacation. Most of Indonesian middle class especially who lives in Jakarta and other big cities are now without their housemaids, nannies, and drivers since most of them are going back to their respective hometown to celebrate Idul Fitri with their families. So lots of people during this week long holiday are having some vacations (domestic and international), stay at hotel rooms (because they don’t want to do the houseworks by themselves), or just enjoy the holiday at home.

During this time of year usually I would like to spend a few days in Jakarta because this is the best time living in Jakarta, with so many people leaving town the traffic is very quite, but still it’s very crowded if we go to malls or restaurants during dining hour. But since I rarely enjoy having restaurant meals these days, I just cook for myself and my family at home although I have to admit that while I enjoy cooking, I don’t like cleaning the dishes, so I just cook some simple menu to avoid washing too many dishes.

After spending a few days at home we usually go to visit my parents house in Bandung, it’s only 2 hours drive from home. Usually the house will be very crowded since all my brother and sister and my nieces are there, Jojo usually is having a very good time there playing with his relatives. As for me, I still have to cook; while at home I only need to cook for 3 persons, there I need to feed a dozen. Base on last year experience, now I need to bring all my knives, cookwares, and all of my kitchen spices so I can cook properly.

As for kyaraben for this post, I made this on the same day I made Pororo and friends. While I wanted to celebrate our 500 kyaraben deliveries that day, I also want to use all the food we made to create a new bento set for our customers. The ‘nasi tumpeng’ or yellow coconut rice is a very popular dishes among Indonesian and I always wanted to make a bento menu based on Indonesian food, so it’s a good combination, I can achieve both on the same day.

Snow White bento

As for the character, I choose Snow White, my last Disney princess. I’ve done Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella, and now it’s complete. It’s funny that Snow White is my last princess since she’s the first princess (and the earliest animated movie) from Disney. I studied a lot of Snow White when I was still in the college and I still amaze at how smooth the animation was when it produced as early as 1937. I still see some very crude and bad animation on some of new cartoon shows and even movie that were produced in last 5 years so I think Snow White is one of the great achievement in animation history until today.

One of the reason I didn’t make Snow White before is because I always reluctant to make a black pasta sheet since I’m afraid that it will look scary. I tried using squid ink for the natural black color but it has very awful smell that can reduce or get rid of the appetite so I won’t use that again. This time I used black food coloring for the pasta sheet and it turned out quite okay, I like the overall result but still I will consult with my client if black pasta need to be used.

So that’s all for today’s post. Selamat Idul Fitri, mohon maaf lahir dan batin ^_^