Smurf bento

0 Posted by - June 26, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Back in the late 80’s, we didn’t have lots of American comic book or Japanese manga printed in Indonesia. We only have European comics like Tintin, Lucky Luke, Smurf, etc. Smurf is one of my favorite comic character, I remember that I had almost all of Smurf comic collection but now lots of them are lost due to some poor book keeping and some friends ‘borrowed’ them for years.

For this Smurf kyaraben, I had to use food coloring since I never found natural blue coloring, we can find natural purple but not blue. The other colored pasta used for this one were brown for the base and the eyebrows, white for the hat and eyes, and a little red pasta for the tongue. The result was good, looks a lot like the character from the comic books.

Smurf bento

I heard that those guys from Hollywood are making a live action combined with 3D (a la Garfield and Chipmunks) Smurf movie, hope that they can make a great movie for those little guys.