Shrimp tempura bento

0 Posted by - December 4, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

It’s been almost a week that I haven’t post anything and I also didn’t make any bento during those time. I started my cooking class this Monday, everyday until Friday. Each class takes about 4 hours and since the school is quite far from my home, I need about 90 minutes driving from home to school (total of 3 hours back and forth). First I thought that I can manage to make some bento on afternoon after school, but then I still need to spend about 4 hours to manage my business (usually 2 hours before and then 2 hours after school). Basically I’m beat, too tired to make anything.

Somehow I manage to make this one. I made shrimp tempura and Japanese beef curry for dinner, so I thought I could make a simple bento since right now I feel guilty if I don’t make a single bento after a few days off. And also I want to see how straight I can fried my shrimp with some additional cutting (hmm, I should really ask my chef teacher about this next week).

Shrimp tempura bento

Still I can’t make a very straight shrimp but it’s an improvement, maybe my teacher can give me better suggestion on this matter. I made a shrimp-fish and a twin octo-sausages, they’re very easy to made, I only use sliced cheese (cut them with art knife and straw) and nori (cut with puncher).

In the other bento box, I put Japanese beef curry inside a lettuce and some crispy seedless grapes on yellow silicon container. Although the curry taste really good it didn’t look great on picture, so I blurred it out.

I have some pictures of the food I made in my class (all students brought home the food they’ve cooked in class) and decorated them in the same spirit like my bento, hopefully I can post them each day during the weekend before school start again on Monday.