Sausage king bento

0 Posted by - September 17, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Since my last lemon chicken was a failure, I really wanted to try that recipe again. So lemon chicken again for today. I had never used sausage before while there are so many sausage decorations that can be done with bento that I would like to try, so it’s sausage time also. The problem with sausage is there are so many sausage brands out there with price range from very cheap to the very expensive one. Usually in many situation I would choose the middle, and I did the same this time also since the cheap one usually have bad taste (too many fluor) and the expensive ones were big and not suitable for bento making.

Sausage king bento
The lemon chicken was tasted better from the last one but I still like chicken karaage better and easier to make. The sausage king was very easy to make since I wanted a simple shape for my first trial. I only needed to cut the sausage in half  for the body and cut the other half again for the crown. The quail egg was harder to cut since the yolk could get in the way. I used toothpick to combine all the parts and put sesame seed for their eyes.

The heart shape onigiri was made using the rice mold I bought from Daisho, larger than the other rice mold I’ve been using but I couldn’t control the thickness unlike the other mold. The heart shaped cheese was made with the heart shape cookie cutter and the cherry tomato was cut with a knife, very simple.

I didn’t have any idea for the other bento box pair so since I still had lots of apples, apple rabbit again and I was really getting better making them :p. Since I didn’t have any idea at all and haven’t put vegetables, I just cut cucumber, broccoli, and add star shaped carrot in the middle to fill up the spaces, and made today lunch bento.

After I took the picture and looking at them, I realized that I didn’t like this dark blue bento box, I should have picked other colors, at least not as dark as this one. With dark bento box, the overall bento looked gloomy, not as cheerful with bright colored bento box. I should took note that from this moment on I should always buy bright colored bento box.