Santa X-mas Onigiri Bento

0 Posted by - December 30, 2012 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2013 ^_^

It’s good to back after a very long hiatus from writing, some of you might think that I don’t make kyaraben anymore. But the thing is I still making tons of kyaraben for almost everyday and do many other things too. The thing about having bento catering is that most of the time our customers want the same characters that we already made, so sometimes I have to make thousands of very same character over and over again (hint: Angry Birds and many others). While is good to make a repeat (as for a good learning for all of my assistants) but it’s not interesting to write about it.

I did have some interesting projects along the year that I will share in the near future. Most of the time I took picture of my work on my Blackberry because it’s easier to share and most of my customers are using it also so it’s very convenient for me.

And while it’s late several days, I want to share my version of Santa onigiri bento. I did it as a request from Jojo’s school principal for the school Christmas celebration. With that in mind I knew that we had to make several hundreds of it so I must make it as simple as possible. By now I think our team is the most experienced kyaraben maker in the world (because nobody is crazy enough to do it :D) but still we have to make things simple for efficient bento making.

And it turned out that we had 221 (two hundred and twenty one) onigiri bento order for that day. It’s not our highest order in single day (we had 350 a month ago) but still lots of work and preparation. By the end of Christmas we did almost a thousand for just this type for several other church and school celebration in the city.

As for the onigiri itself, I used white rice for the beard and the main shape and yellow colored rice (from kabocha mix with white rice), the hat was from red colored half chicken egg, the white part was made with white egg sheet, and the nose was also from red colored egg. As usual, other facial details were using nori (seaweed).