Royal Academy Mascot Kyaraben

0 Posted by - March 13, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I did these kyaraben as a pair, requested by one of our loyal customer for the school event. I never knew that some schools have their own mascots since I didn’t have any during my entire school days from kindergarten until college. I looked at the school’s website for the picture and thankful that they’re kind of simple drawing that’s perfect for cutting.

The mascots are a pair of boy and girl wearing a crown. So we needed to prepare several colors of pasta sheets; purple for the crown, skin colored for the body parts, dark brown for the facial and the boy’s t-shirt, yellow for the star and the girl’s t-shirt, pink for the skirt and the boy’s mouth, and light brown for the boy’s hair.

Royal Academy Boy Bento

Royal Academy Girl Bento

The template was kind of simple since most shapes are easy to cut and we can use ready made food cutter for help.

I’m quite happy with the final result and I heard that the headmistress was also quite impressed with the kyaraben, which is always a pleasure to hear.