Rapunzel kyaraben set

0 Posted by - May 20, 2014 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This one is a new character template. Lots of new princesses now and all of them are popular. Guess the media and broadcast cable channel really paid off for them, a really good marketing job. Even my boy knows the names, luckily not all of them.

It’s quite hard to depict Rapunzel with only her head and bust on display since she’s well known for her very long hair. But then they make all these princesses quite distinct with each other, usually from the color of their gown and hair but also their head shapes also different if we compare them side by side. I don’t know if they making more and more princesses every year then we will have a hard time to even remembering their names.

Rapunzel kyaraben set

As usual from my princess templates, we got two to three parts of hair, face, bust, and upper gown with the same facial details from eyes, lips, eyebrows, and nose-line. I will make the anime chibi style later so we can show the full body of the characters and I will check which version that our customers like more.