Princess Zelda bento

1 Posted by - February 8, 2011 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Continue from my last post about Zelda theme assorted bento, now I want to share to you my Princess Zelda kyaraben I’ve made for last Sunday.

This Princess Zelda is sure a tough girl, she went through some terrible things in her life; been kidnapped, put into eternal slumber, in hiding, turned to stone, and many other dreadful things; a true damsel in distress that the hero Link must always rescue in order to complete the game.

But in the new Zelda game, Spirit Track, she’s able to help Link and accompany him in his adventure to vanquish evil once and for all.Another character I made was Anjean, the guardian of Tower of Spirits, a wise and ancient being that provided guidance for Link to finish his quest.

While this character has a good design but it’s not suitable for kyaraben making since the details was drawn in thin lines that makes them difficult to cut.Anjean bentoSo that’s all the characters I’ve made for last Sunday delivery, it’s a good experience and I really hope that I can make several characters theme again someday.