Princess Elsa kyaraben set

1 Posted by - June 6, 2014 - Bento Art

Like my previous Anna post, this one also isn’t need any introduction. Her song can be heard anywhere. Everywhere there is a DVD seller most of them will play Frozen on their screen. Thankfully now our national broadcast TVs don’t  play any music videos anymore, if not we will get the ‘My Heart Will Go On’ thing coming for us (during that time all TVs would play that song whenever they could).

And luckily my daughter still under three years old and she still couldn’t sing other than simple songs like ‘If You’re Happy’ although she sure knows most of Frozen songs, so I don’t get burnt out (or Frozed out :D)

Princess Elsa kyaraben set

The Elsa template was a challenging one since she’s got quite unusual hair style, unlike those other princesses. Since we don’t deal with actual 3-D thing here the challenge was to make depth for her hair, we don’t want to make it flat but still also need to be simple enough for faster production. The end result was to have 4 (four) cuts just for her hair, while everything else were the usual princesses’ cut: face, bust, upper gown, and those facial details.

The background also complimentary like Anna post, in fact it was the other side of the Anna post’s winter background.