Princess Aurora kyaraben, new edition

0 Posted by - May 24, 2013 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Since I’ve done lots of princess kyaraben, it’s easy to become bored doing all  those cutting and assembling. So I would like to change the pictures to keep thing fresh. I’ve done several of new version of these princesses and I feel that there’s still a lot of rooms to improve the templates.

The key for mass cutting are minimizing the numbers of parts and simplifying the shapes.

The basic templates for all princesses are the same: hair background, neck and bust, eyes and mouth backdrop, face, front hair, dress part(s), facial details (eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose line, and lastly the eyebrows if we want those extra finishing touch). All the new templates have bigger eyes and easier nose line for faster assembling process.

Here’s the newest version of Aurora, we can also check out the older version of her in here and here.

Princess Aurora kyaraben

We can see that the overall shapes are simpler, especially the yellow background and the front hair, we also need less pasta sheets which means less production time on the sheets.