Princess Aurora bento

0 Posted by - August 5, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

There’s another request for Disney’s Princess, this time is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. It’s so amazing that I still remember almost the entire story and characters while the last time I saw the movie was maybe 20 years ago (the movie itself first released in 1959), while I don’t remember most of the recent movies I watched. Hmm, maybe it’s because I’m getting old now :D

Anyway, I tried to make something new (that I haven’t done before) for my bento box. This time I tried making ekkado with a twist. Usually ekkado is wrap like pouch but I want to make it like candy. I kinda like the result, the candy shape takes more space but I still can fill the extra space with small chunks of broccoli.

Princess Aurora bento

The other filling was usual, corn, broccoli, heart shaped sausages, orange slice, and elephant jelly pudding (half jelly on top and half milk pudding on the bottom). I also used a pair of princess pasta I bought from my trip to Singapore.

As for the Aurora, I was surprised that I only need to cut 14 (fourteen) parts to make her while the other princesses usually takes more parts. This week I still need to complete a Cinderella kyaraben so hopefully I can post a her early next week.