Princess Ariel bento

0 Posted by - July 20, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Now we’re back from our brief vacation, lots of work are waiting for us. During our time in Singapore, we didn’t spent much time looking for bento stuff since we’re bringing our son with us. We did spent some time at Kinokuniya looking for bento books but we didn’t find any that interested us. We also visited Daiso but then their inventory is almost the same like the one in Jakarta that we used to visit although their price is so much cheaper. We also bought some Disney theme pasta that we thought might be useful for our bento.

And when we’ve finally arrived at home we’ve got so many order request, and mostly requesting more princesses kyaraben. I knew that I have to make all those princesses eventually but then I always bide my time not to make them all at once, mainly because they need a very careful thinking to make. Before making all those request, I have to plan carefully because for each of them not only I have to make one good sample kyaraben but then I have to be ready to mass produce them in just one day. The hardest part is that I have to balance myself between creating good quality kyaraben and to limit the details from the characters in order to make those characters easier to mass produce without losing their identity.

For Ariel, being the 3rd princess and maybe the 50th++ (I lost count) princesses kyaraben I made, I started to getting the hang of it. I didn’t use black pasta sheet for the eyelashes anymore since it’s so annoying to cut, instead I use nori which less (but still) annoying to cut.

Princess Ariel bento

For the evaluation, Ariel only need 13 (thirteen) parts excluding the nori cut to assemble with total of 6 (six) different colored pasta: pinkish red for her hair and eyebrows; skin yellow for her body parts; green for the eyeballs and clothes; white for the face background; red for her lips; and brown for her nose line. I used nori for Ariel’s eyes and eyelashes and dot of mayonnaise to brighten her eyes.

I’m quite satisfied with the final result, definitely the best of Disney’s princesses I’ve made so far. For the next princess, I will try to make Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, let’s hope she turn out fine.