Princess Anna kyaraben set

0 Posted by - June 4, 2014 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

This is one from my recent character templates. I really don’t need any introduction for her since she’s part of a global phenomenon that almost every person (especially who can browse internet or parents with little girls) knows her name. Kudos to Disney for making another global hit, they’re sure hit a big jackpot with this one. The potential that can be mined from this one movie are incredible, they literally can make anything with these characters and people will willingly spend their money to get them.

I saw lots of fans’ work ranging from illustration to cookies to cake decoration to themed parties, they are all amazing. I especially loved to see all the great sugar art depiction of these characters, some of them are really amazing that really inspired me to start my own sugar art work. Hopefully the fire inside me still burning I really got some spare times during school break this coming weeks.

Princess Anna kyaraben set

I added several new background for my pictures shots since my old collections become too repetitive. I really didn’t think about this winter theme background with this particular project when I bought it a while back, but they really complement each other. So I think we can guess which kyaraben will be my next post.