Pororo bento

0 Posted by - December 8, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

It seems that the little penguin Pororo is getting more popular among kids nowadays since I’ve been getting several requests for his kyaraben version. I’ve made the whole gang of Pororo and his friends for our 500 bento celebration a while back but for this time I just make Pororo only and maybe if there’s some requests his other friends will follow in the future as a single kyaraben.

This cute little penguin was quite easy to make, total of five colors were needed (blue, white, yellow, orange, and brown) with cutting of twelve different parts. Please do not get intimidated with those twelve parts since most of the parts were simple shapes unlike let’s say Naruto’s spiky hair, now that’s hard. The time needed to cut three easy parts usually the same with cutting one hard part, and if we’re talking about lots (hundreds) of parts, we can cut 300 easy parts compare to just 100 hard parts.

Pororo bento

And if we’re talking about hard and easy, it’s not just about how many different parts or how many easy and hard parts each characters have, there’s also the dreaded nori involvement. Since many of you who follow my posts knew that I always try to avoid nori if possible, but some characters must involve some nori to make them look good, such as whiskers to complete the Hello Kitty onigiri. I tried using dark colored pasta for the whiskers but it’s not working so I must go back to nori. Luckily that Hello Kitty’s whiskers are easy to cut and put (but still involved 8 parts including her eyes :S).

But anyway, I really like making these kyaraben and the cutting of pasta sheets is like some remedy for me and actually I enjoy it a lot. And it really excited me when I assembled all those parts into one complete character ^_^