Piyo Piyo bento

0 Posted by - July 2, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I made this bento as a tribute to my wife since Piyo Piyo is her favorite character. She loves Piyo Piyo and we have so many of Piyo Piyo stuff here in our house; from bedding set, baby sanitary equipments,  mug, plates, and so on.

Personally I also like Piyo Piyo because of his cute looking and very simple design. While I also like detailed and intricate design like the Final Fantasy series, I also like simple line and clean character design since I think it’s harder to make a simple but good character rather making a polished and very detailed one.

As and far as kyaraben making, since I don’t usually making my own characters, of course I always welcome those simple characters ^_^

Piyo Piyo bento

This Piyo Piyo is the simplest kyaraben I’ve ever made. The base and also the body was from yellow egg sheet, the orange parts were from carrot, they all cut with art knife. And those little brown eyes were brown pasta sheet cut with straw.

The result is this bright yellow and cute Piyo Piyo. If someone wants to order this kyaraben for their chlidren then I will be the happiest person :D