Pikachu bento

1 Posted by - June 29, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

I still remember about this whole Pokemon craze that started about 10 years ago. The kids seemed like going crazy about all things Pokemon. Personally I’m not a great fan of Pokemon. I watched the TV show several times and play the games on my Nintendo DS just for curiosity. And as an avid collector of many things, I really understand that famous “Gotta catch them all” slogan that possessed those kids to collect all things related to those creatures.

And if we start to talk about Pokemon bento, I’m sure that there’s been thousands of Pokemon and Pikachu bento already being made just in Japan alone. I’d seen lots of these Pokemon bento myself. With very simple design, simple details and bright yellow color, this Pikachu is indeed a perfect kyaraben material. I wonder if the original Pikachu designer thought about kyaraben when they made this character.

Pikachu bento

Almost like my previous Winnie the Pooh bento, this Pikachu also used combination of pasta and egg sheets. The brown pasta sheet was used for the base and some details (ears and nose), red pasta for cheek and tongue, yellow egg sheet for the entire body, and white egg sheet for the eyeballs.