Pastei pie Lady bento

0 Posted by - September 16, 2009 - Bento Art

Another breakfast bento, I had this pastei pies and decided to make a bento with it. Pastei pie is one of many Dutch culinary recipes that very popular among Indonesian (we call it ‘pastel’ and they can be bought in every traditional markets and most modern pastry stores). Essentially pastei is a pie with vegetables, minced chicken or beef, chunk of boiled egg, and rice noodle filling wrapped in thin pie crust, closed in half circle shape with deep fried cook instead of oven.

Pastei pie lady bento
The pastei pie was good to make a face, so I cut a cheese sheet to make her hair and use my new emoticon vegetables cutter to add her eyes and mouth. I used a very small bento box so I could only fill with two grapes and a cherry tomato with small amount of broccoli to fill extra spaces.

I made this one around 10 minutes, but the result wasn’t that good, one of the poor quality bento I’ve made. The cheese ‘hair’ should have more layers. I decided to post it anyway so that I can compare and taking notes of the progress I’ve made for future reference.