Nigiri sushi bento

0 Posted by - November 25, 2009 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Since right now I’m addicted with sushi making, I tried to make some sushi for my bento. I didn’t aim high on my first attempt, just a simple assortment of nigiri sushi. Since I don’t have experience with raw fish and decided to avoid it for now, besides I really don’t know if those raw salmon or tuna can be put inside a bento box for hours and still good to eat later.

Nigiri sushi bento

So the safest choice was using cooked shrimp, tamagoyaki, and sausage for the nigiri. The rice was made with my nigiri rice mold. I wanted to make the nigiri by hand but since I already bought the mold for a long time and haven’t use it, I’d better use it now. The Indonesian term for this behaviour is called “gak mau rugi” (lose translation is don’t want to incur loss).

I put the usual broccoli chunk for filling and the elephant sauce container fill with soy sauce. For the other bento box, I filled it with cucumber rolled with ham, edamame and carrots (cut with vegetable mold) in a pink silicon container, and a mini mandarin orange.

I have to go to another town to attend my wife’s aunt funeral for 2 days, so until next time …