Naruto bento, part 1

1 Posted by - March 9, 2010 - Bento Art, Lunch bento

Wow, I can’t believe it’s more than 2 months ago since my last post. It’s not that I didn’t make any bento or cook something during my hiatus, in fact I have almost 100 pictures of food to post, but never found a good time to write them down. Now I’ve prepared some time to post again and hopefully I can do it regularly like last year.

The naruto bento below was made for my friend’s son 9th birthday party. I only had 6 days notice and the initial order was for 30 bento boxes. I didn’t take the order right away since I was not sure I can pull it off. Later that day I made up my mind and since I’ve made 30 bento boxes for my son 2nd birthday (but in 2 separate days) and now my cooking skill and kitchen coordination is way better than last year I’m quite sure that I can finish 30 in one day. Then after agreeing the task, I asked my friend’s son which character he likes most and the answer was Naruto and Avatar. I searched both pictures and decided that I will make Naruto, I will make the Avatar (the Last Airbender) another time.

Naruto bento
The naruto face was made with three different egg colors; egg yolk for the yellow hair part, egg white for the yellow jacket, white eyes and mouth part, and mixture of egg white and tomato sauce for the pink face color. All egg sheets were cut with art knife. The metal bandana was from cheese cut with knife and the carving was cut with toothpick, we have to be very careful to do the inside carving so not to break the cheese. The orange jacket part was from carrot and all the other details were from scissors cut nori.

As for the bento filling, it’s very basic with chicken karaage, broccoli chunks, corn, and cherry tomato. I experimented using lemon slice to neutralize or reduce the smell of broccoli which is not liked by some people. The experiment worked wonderfully, we didn’t smell the broccoli when we opened the bento on the next day.

It was easy to make one bento a day, I need to think how to make 30 bento boxes in 2 days. Then my friend asked me if I can make more for the day and asking for 60 (sixty) bento boxes. Hmmm, on that moment I realized that I should make Avatar bento instead Naruto, but I liked to challenge myself and try to fulfill the target.